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C and J

I met J on the then-free&bsp;Yahoo personals, in 1999.&bsp;We enjoyed each other's company, and just went from there.&bsp; We've been through both better (great jobs, new house, our&bsp;baby, our marriage)&bsp;and worse (unemployment, adopted teenager, chronically ill parents, mental illness).&bsp;&bsp;We're&bsp;more suited for each other&bsp;than anyone else we know. despite our long&bsp;list of differences --&bsp;the story Jack Sprat&bsp;and his wife are low down on the list of important things in our life.&bsp;

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago,&bsp;in our brand new house, after a long day of painting and putting down new laminate flooring together.

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