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Cat and James

Well, according to the BMI chart (which is bunk!), I'm obese and James is overweight. Since this picture, we have both gained a few more pounds in "relationship weight" due to his absolutely fabulous cooking. :) Anyway, on to the story. James was moving to the States at the same time I was about to take a vacation to the UK (his home country). I'm listed on a "find your way around" website that encourage people to contact me to ask about my town's restaurants, area attractions, and so on. James & I exchanged a couple emails about my town, but we lost touch when I went to the UK for a few weeks. In my final email, I had included my phone number and told him to call if he got lost or needed help.

Well, he called one evening when I was throwing a party and had already downed a few drinks. "Come over!" I shouted into the phone, "You'll meet lots of people!" He came over and we spent the whole party chatting and introducing him to my friends. At the time, I was dating 2 other guys and not looking for anything, but when he asked me out to dinner the following day, I said yes. Since then, he has been the most loving, attentive, supportive boyfriend I've ever had. He cooks, he cleans, he takes reflexology/massage classes for fun, and best of all, he's a smart techie nerd, just like me. We moved in together and are now approaching our third anniversary together.

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