The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Alicia and Matt

Alicia and Matt

We met on Match dot com a year and a half ago.&bsp; Our attraction was instant, and grew exponentially over the course of an evening of getting fired up about politics and making each other laugh about previous bad Match dates---we faux argued about whether mine was the worst first date after he slapped my ass as I got into my car to leave, or if he had had a worse time out on a date with a woman who barked at passersby when they got too close. (Yes.&bsp; Barked.)&bsp; His smile and the feminist pins on his leather jacket were incredibly sexy to me, and he loved the color of my hair. The only time fat came up was when in the context of one of his horrible-date stories.&bsp; He had been out with a woman who proclaimed that she hated fat people---he pretended repeatedly to mishear her and exclaim loudly enough to be overheard by the neighboring tables, "You hate BLACK people?!" and she was forced to try to justify that no, no, no, she didn't hate Black people---just FAT people.&bsp; I knew someone that would call someone out on their inane prejudices in such a fashion was someone I could really be into, and things progressed beautifully from there.&bsp; The warmth in his voice when I answered the phone the next time I called let me know we were in for something amazing.

He moved to my state 5 months ago, and the fantastic conversations and laughter are still going strong.

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