The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | allison


I had to pick this picture, as it not only shows two fat people who are happily in love with eachother, but also a fat woman (me) who just ran a 5k. Cause you&bsp;know, not only do fat people not find love, they don't exercise either. ok, enough of my soap box.


My husband and&bsp;I have been married three years, together five, and known each other for&bsp;eight.&bsp;We met our first year of college and I ignored him&bsp;(as he puts it, we were friends in reality) for three years.&bsp;On my 21st birthday he followed me into the women's bathroom at&bsp;the bar and told me he wanted to date me. He's never made a comment about my weight/size, nor made it a point to tell me that he loves me&bsp;BECAUSE&bsp;i'm&bsp;fat, or INSPITE of it.&bsp;He just loves me for me.

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