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Ann-Marie and Ryan

So this is the story of Anne-Marie and Ryan (I'm A.M., and I will now stop referring to myself in the third person).

I was the manager at a vintage clothing store in Toronto and Ryan was a customer. &bsp;I thought he was the handsomest guy in town and had been giving him googly eyes for at least a year. &bsp;And yet I never worked up the courage to actually ask him out, as I could barely squeak out more than nervous giggles whenever he bought a pair of pants. &bsp;Eventually, I was getting ready to move on from that job, and it was my last week at the store. &bsp;He walked in and I kicked myself in the ass and forced myself to speak to him. Behold! He was actually nice! And seemed interested! I told him that this was my last week at the store.

Him: "So how am I supposed to bump into you now?"

Me: "Ummm..."

Him:"How about we bump into each other on purpose?"

So we made a date for two days later.

The next day he came into the store with a mixed cd for me.

The day of the date he came to the store with a single chocolate-covered strawberry - of the batch that he had made for our date later that night. Swoon. Our first date was a blanket in the park, eating strawberries and laughing. One year later, we got married in Las Vegas. I could conclude this with anecdotes about how he loves my body, and I love his - but that stuff is so natural with us that it doesn't make any sense to make an issue of it. Here's how cute we are!

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