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I guess back in the seventies the term coined to describe us would be "polyfidelity."&bsp; We just say "family."&bsp; I am twenty nine, my weight hovers between two seventy-five and three hundred any given month - I don't pay very close attention - and one of my doctor's healthiest patients.&bsp; My fiance, Christopher, is almost thirty five and the weight gained from chemo puts him around one eighty-ish these days.&bsp; William, my boyfriend, is twenty four and rail thin.&bsp; They both have found me very physically attractive from the beginning and this has never waned, despite my occasional marveling over this.

Chris and I have been together for almost four years, and plan to elope next year if the chemo sessions allow.&bsp; I came downstairs one day and he was sitting on my living room floor because a roommate was hosting a role-playing game.&bsp; I sat down next to him, reached out and traced a scar on his arm - I never, ever touch strangers - and asked where he got it.&bsp; While he proceeded to tell me about a rollerblading accident, my fingers tingled.&bsp; After that it was the ordinary head-over-heels and feeling anything-but-ordinary process of falling in love.&bsp; Since then we've weathered a great deal, including several bouts with cancer.

Chris and I had been living in our new neighborhood for less than six months when we began to notice a young man who looked like he might be interesting and fun to hang out with.&bsp; He noticed us, but no one every spoke.&bsp; A case of online mistaken identity involving a mutual friend led us to meet.&bsp; While we were all becoming fast friends, William and I were developing crushes for the other.

It's hard to put into words for others where we three went from friends to lovers.&bsp; Just to clarify, I am involved with both of them, they are not with one another.&bsp; In the past, ostensibly, Christopher and I were open, but there was never any inclination or motivation to seek another's attention.&bsp; Neither William nor I were looking for or intending to love one another yet somehow it has all worked out.&bsp; At the beginning of the year, he and his cats moved in with us.&bsp; We three plan meals together, shop together, play together and all tumble into the same bed every night.&bsp; I can think of few emotions sweeter than how I feel snuggled between them, safe and loved.&bsp; At the moment, and probably for a very long time, none of us have any interest in incorporating another individual into our love lives.&bsp; Which is probably a good thing, there's not really room in the bed.

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