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Arturo and Jamie

Arturo&bsp;y Jamie - From both of us.

We met in the Aquarians community on Livejournal&bsp;in the fall of 2004.&bsp; He says I was stalking him&bsp;(Seriously she was stalking me I didn&squo;t feel safe at first but she had cookies and I can&squo;t resist cookies)...&bsp;I say I was just intrigued because I'd noticed his posts and comments several months before I ever said anything to him.&bsp;&bsp;(See? It was definitely stalking. I knew it.)&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;He posted lyrics to a song that sounded interesting, so I left him a comment.&bsp; About 10 minutes later he messaged me and we started talking.&bsp; Our first conversation stretched throughout the day and ended 12 hours later.&bsp; This was&bsp;on November 8th.&bsp;&bsp;By the end of the first week we were talking on the phone and throwing around the idea of meeting.&bsp;(I don&squo;t think we waited that long to be honest.)

&bsp;We decided to meet and spend New Years of 2005 together.&bsp;&bsp;(Yeah I was really eager to meet her, I even went as far as to get us a hotel room in St. Louis and had a very romantic dinner planned.&bsp;&bsp;It was perfect&ellip; What could possibly go wrong, you ask.&bsp;&bsp;We both ate something that seriously didn&squo;t agree with us.&bsp;&bsp;We went down and we went down hard.)&bsp;He took a train up to see me; something he likes to call&bsp;a 27 hour ride from Hell.&bsp; I picked him up at the St. Louis Amtrak station and we drove the two and a half hours back to my hometown.&bsp; After a brief stop for lunch at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere Illinois&bsp;(remember that part in Deliverance&ellip;. Yeah that&squo;s about how I felt there when we walked into the truck stop), I thought he was ready to bolt back to civilization, but he stuck around.&bsp;&bsp;(I mean even if I wanted to, civilization was like 2.5 hours away at least, and let&squo;s face it I&squo;m fat and out of shape!&bsp;&bsp;Well&ellip; round is a shape!&bsp;&bsp;A great shape!&bsp;&bsp;Anyway do you think there was a taxi around???&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;Hell no!!&bsp;&bsp;All I would have had would have been some crazed hillbilly going &dquo;you shore gotta purty mouth heh, heh, heh&ellip;.&dquo;).&bsp;&bsp;He exaggerates&ellip;I don&squo;t live in that bad of an area, but I am somewhat in the middle of nowhere.&bsp;&bsp;Anyway&bsp;we both got sick during that time together.&bsp;&bsp;He says it was food poisoning, I say it was the flu he brought me as a present.&bsp;&bsp;Either way,&bsp;I think that sealed the deal&bsp;(Seriously after you see someone at their worst it&squo;s hard to say no to them).&bsp; I think that if two people can stand each other while being sick and at their worst; they can survive anything together or apart.&bsp; (Now to be fair, she had her share of surprise.&bsp;&bsp;On our next visit, she came down to Texas.&bsp;&bsp;I decided to take her for good Tex-Mex and Margaritas. She was in absolute heaven.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;Granted, she couldn&squo;t feel her nose or teeth from the margaritas&ellip; but she was in heaven&ellip;until I said &squo;great I&squo;m glad you liked it let&squo;s go meet my mother!&bsp;&bsp;It was the 1st&bsp;time she gave me The Look in person.&bsp;&bsp;It was love I tell ya.)&bsp;

&bsp;We've been together ever since, except for a nine month break for stupidity&bsp;(Yes it was my turn to father a child for Michael Jackson and she wanted try her hand out at training kittens to be personal body guards, and I believe she also acted as an Anthony Bourdainiac when he strolled through Chicago)&bsp;&bsp;I can't speak for him, but the moment I saw him on December 28th 2004, I knew I was going to marry him&bsp;(That explains why she had a minister with her ‐ true story there was a minister standing right next to her at the train station)&bsp;&bsp;Did not.&bsp; If there was a priest standing next to me, he was there of his own volition.&bsp; The first time I laid eyes on Arturo, he felt like home.&bsp; Even though we were apart for a while, I knew that if I had faith and believed, things would work out with us.&bsp; And they did.&bsp; Not many people can tolerate the traits of Aquarians&bsp;(please if you have an Aquarian in your life you owe it to your Aquarian to get my new Book&bsp;The Care and Feeding of your Aquarian)&bsp;and something in the cosmos keeps saying that we belong together.&bsp; Silly?&bsp;&bsp;Probably.&bsp;&bsp;Dorky?&bsp;&bsp;Most definitely.&bsp; But true.&bsp;

&bsp;We are in a long distance relationship right now, until he finishes school&bsp;(It&squo;s a rare thing to find a woman who will wait for you through your undergrad, a 2 years masters, and now a 3 year PhD program ‐ how I haven&squo;t driven her away can only be explained as a miracle from God.)&bsp;&bsp;It really is love, you know.&bsp;&bsp;Or I&squo;m a glutton for punishment&ellip;&bsp;&bsp;I wouldn&squo;t wait this long for anybody else.&bsp; It's not easy, but it's completely worth it.&bsp; We have survived sickness, two weeks in Mexico City with his family during Christmas and New Years of 2006, breaking up, getting back together, family issues, health issues, school issues, time and distance issues...&bsp; yeah, if we can do all of this long distance, we'll be fine together full time.&bsp;(This will be easier as soon as she learns to share the covers in bed!)&bsp;&bsp;I share the covers.&bsp;&bsp;He just GIVES them to me, I swear.&bsp;&bsp;Besides, he has the whole closing the cabinet doors thing to work on, so I think we&squo;re even.

&bsp;He loves me for me, flaws and all (of which I have many ‐&bsp;she has no more flaws then any other woman hell if we are talking statistically she is above and beyond most).&bsp; I love his sense of humor and randomness.&bsp; He&bsp;(knows)&bsp;thinks I'm beautiful and sexy and I know he is the most handsome man I have ever set eyes on.

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