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Brandi and Jonny

Jonny and I met at CTOPS (our university&squo;s freshman orientation program). &bsp;I like to think that it was fate and my mother&squo;s chronic tardiness that brought our stars into alignment—I was very late to the first session in our program and just randomly joined a group that happened to contain the fabulous Mr. Jonathan. He said something snarky to me in group time, but we continued the conversation on the campus tour and spent the rest of the weekend together, ditching class, getting lost on campus, and watching movies, behavior that continued through all four years of college. Since Jonny identified as gay when we first met, I thought I had finally found the Rupert Everett to my Julia Roberts, the chunky Will to my fat Grace, but instead our friendship morphed into something completely unexpected, something beyond labels.&bsp; It&squo;s been over ten years since we met and I hardly remember a time when I didn&squo;t have Jonny to come home to. &bsp;We&squo;re just a couple of big fat queers who love each other. He&squo;s my best friend and my partner and I&squo;m so lucky to have found him.

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