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Denise and Erich

Erich and I met online in early 2007.&bsp; When&bsp;I&bsp;read his profile, I was stunned, I could not believe how much we had in common, including similar&bsp;Masters degrees and&bsp;the years we each spent living and working in SE Asia.&bsp; After emailing for a month or so, we&bsp;spent an hour in the Denver airport (our first date).&bsp; We&bsp;spent a couple long weekends together, and spoke on the phone&bsp;every day for months.&bsp; In August 2007,&bsp;he moved 1000 miles to&bsp;move in&bsp;with me.&bsp; We were both&bsp;single until we&bsp;met in&bsp;our mid-thirties and as independent spirits, it was an amazing leap of faith for both of us to combine our lives together. &bsp;


I never&bsp;imagined the&bsp;joy I would&bsp;find in sharing my life with someone who really gets me and loves me as I am and&bsp;for who I am.&bsp;&bsp;Erich enriches my life, makes it bigger, better,&bsp;and fuller every day.&bsp; He brings me such great joy, he's an amazing&bsp;man, my partner, my love. &bsp;

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