The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Denise and Joel

Denise and Joel

We met our freshman year in college, and have been "officially" together since our sophomore year, 12 years ago (there was some "unofficial" activity, but we've decided to not count that, since it "overlapped" with my previous boyfriend!!).&bsp; When we met, we were both a lot skinnier, due to some medical issues on my part and depression on his part.&bsp; Now that my thyroid and his brain chemicals are under control, and of course now that we're both in our 30s, we don't look exactly like we used to.&bsp; But we still love each other and find each other attractive, as I'm sure our poor neighbors can attest to ;)&bsp; Joel is my best friend and the person I most love spending time with.&bsp; We've been through a lot, aside from the health problems, and our relationship has remained strong and gotten even stronger, and hopefully it will remain strong far into the future.&bsp; I can't believe it's been 12 years, sometimes; sometimes I can't believe we're not sick of each other!

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