The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Emily and Graham

Emily and Graham

We didn't meet but saw each other at an Elliott Smith memorial in Trinity-Bellwoods Park in Toronto. I then recognized his picture on the Elliott Smith message board and we started talking there and then on MSN. We were instant great friends with so much in common (movies, music, etc.). We started hanging out in person in less than a month, mainly going to shows together. He was my first friend who was fat and okay with it. I couldn't even utter the word "fat" at the time so having a friend like this changed everything for me. After years of being best friends and the only person I was truly comfortable with, I got out of the relationship was in - finally - and we got together. I was always in love with him and it was a huge relief to stop denying and suppressing that. We are amazing together and I'm really glad I am getting to experience what a good, fun, healthy relationship is. We've known each other for almost six years now, and together for one and a half. We've watched More to Love together and despaired over the fact that these girls seem to think no one could ever be attracted to them and are just waiting for someone to "overlook" their apparently hideous appearance and love them anyway. Sigh.

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