The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Emily and Kevin

Emily and Kevin

This picture was taken the week we fell in love, although we didn't actually admit it to ourselves or each other until months later.&bsp; We met on an online forum for complete and utter nerds, when he defended my honor in a thread about phone sex operators.&bsp; Believe me when I say I never meant to fall for him.&bsp; The first weekend I went to see him (did I mention we live across the country from one another?) I even gave him the "I don't know what this is, I enjoy your company but I don't think this can be anything else" speech.&bsp; Little did I know I would kick my own self for saying it and fall madly in love with him. He treats me like a queen, I like that he's my king.&bsp; So things are great.&bsp; I'm fat, he's not, we're both in love. 'nuff said.

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