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Steve and I met in June of 2006 when I weighed about 150lbs and therefore still a "hottie" (that's still considered overweight for my height, amazingly, but having been heavy since early childhood I've trained myself to maintain good posture and carry it well).&bsp; He caught my eye one night in bar and, not moments after sitting down next to him, he complimented me on my Talking Heads bag (made from a "Little Creatures" record sleeve).&bsp; The fact that he was the first guy in Jacksonville to correctly identify the band and not say something along the lines of, "Duran Duran is gay," alone was pretty remarkable, but after talking till dawn and finding out that we loved the same music, art, films, books, etc., I knew we would be together for a very long time.&bsp; It also happened that on that very day I had made a commitment to move from Florida to my best friend's place in Portland, Oregon in October.&bsp; Long story short, I moved as scheduled and he followed me out there three months later. &bsp;


Since we moved back to FL 18 months ago (hated the weather up there), the weight I had lost before I met him has crept back on and then some.&bsp; I've gotten the stares, the gentle criticisms from old friends, the not-so-gentle ones from family, and admittedly, I do want to lose maybe 20 lbs or so just to be healthier.&bsp; But when I tell Steve this, or when I whine about how awesome I *used* to look, he reminds me how much he loves my curves, my "awesome rack" and, of course, my brain.&bsp; Steve is a very handsome guy, tall, athletic and has never had a weight problem, but more importantly, he's an accomplished and very well-respected musician, well-read, politically informed, articulate, a hard worker, sensitive, thoughtful, an instant hit at parties and easily the funniest person I've ever met.&bsp; Bottom line: we're in love with each others' minds first and everything else is secondary. So yeah, eat it, world.&bsp; ;)

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