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My husband and I met in marching band (... sort of; our band was actually a scatter band, no marching involved) about 2 days after I started college. He was the best friend I'd ever had, and quickly became the best boyfriend I'd ever had, too. About a year and a half later, I surprised the hell out of him by proposing on top of a Ferris wheel, thus ruining HIS plan to propose on top of a Ferris wheel -- a coincidence that I felt was further proof we were perfect for each other.

We were engaged and living together, but with no specific plans to get married, for a pretty long time; then, last year, he got a great job offer... all the way across the country. I was still in school and close enough to finishing that I didn't want to risk losing credits by transferring, so we decided that I'd stay here, but that first we would finally get married. We had our wedding this May at the zoo, which was AWESOME (and which also explains why there's an armadillo in the picture I've attached, from the reception -- it doesn't show our size too well, but it is my favorite picture ever taken of us), and this December I will finally graduate and move to Oregon to join him and our cat. I have never been happier -- and I was pretty damn happy to begin with.

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