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Jamie and Bob

Bob and I belonged to a national organization and met through an email list for one of the special interest groups.&bsp; We both noticed we had a lot of interests in common (sports, the same kinds of music, movies, etc) and started asking mutual real-life friends if the other were "ok" and not certifiably, dangerously insane.&bsp; Bob lived in Columbus and I lived in Pittsburgh.&bsp; I was gainfully employed and had just been promoted, he was fresh out of his second trip to college.

We met in real life at a gathering in Pittsbugh and hit it off immediately.&bsp; I wasn't completely on the FA bandwagon at that time but since Bob accepted me and loved me so much just as I was, he actually helped me get the rest of the way there.&bsp; The gathering where we met was Labor Day weekend, the end of August/beginning of September.&bsp; We went on a couples retreat the following month, then spent a weekend together.&bsp; I think that was when we decided he'd move to Pittsburgh.&bsp; He moved in with me and my teenaged daughters (brave man!) on November 11th, 2002.&bsp; We bought a house in 2004, got married in 2005, and have been blissfully fat together through good times and bad ever since.&bsp;

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