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Jesse and Marcus

Pic is of: Jesse and the ever-serious Marcus *cough*

Marcus and I met at Dragoncon two years ago and spent every moment possible hanging out for 4 days. Nothing romantical (heehee) happened because we were each otherwise involved and he was monogamous. So, we attempted to stay in contact but life got in the way...and I feared crossing boundaries.

Then, last year, we spent a goodly amount of time together when both of our tribes once again swept into Atlanta for the con. Things were even rockier in both of our lives--the same on again/off again significant others--so we parted ways again as "just friends." A few texts and emails were exchanged but 750 miles has a way of scaring folks. And I was very sure that I would never (again) do the LDR thang *rolls eyes at self*&bsp; Plus...I always told myself that if Marc and I were ever gonna give it go, we needed to be healed and ready.

So, in early June I contacted him to see of there was extra hotel space available with his tribe since none of my friends from Philly were supposed to be going to the con...and we just kept talking every day. Emails, texts, silly vids, pics, phone calls...every day, at every opportunity. Now, we are together and I fly down to GA for a long weekend every month to see him. This year's Dragoncon was THE BEST EVAH because we were finally there both friends and lovers&bsp; &t;3

I'm disgustingly happy.

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