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Jordan and Cara

So here is our story:


I - Jordan Berg Powers (then Jordan Berg) started a new job at a nonprofit that focuses on changing the media system.&bsp; I was new to the job and new to Massachusetts.&bsp; It was my second week on the job. Cara Lisa Powers (now Cara Lisa Berg Powers) was one of the organizers of the event and led my first session.&bsp; I was instantly drawn to her ideas and her stunning beauty.&bsp; She was busy and didn't notice me.&bsp; A few months later I was tabling for my job at the New York City Grassroots Media Conference.&bsp; When I saw her come by (she was there for her work) I was instantly excited. We started talking but mid-sentence she was distracted by someone else she knew and walked away (I know now its her life ADD).&bsp;


It wasn't until the 3rd state and 3rd meeting that I stuck. This time she came to a conference I helped organize in Minneapolis.&bsp; As she was more a captive audience we started talking at the event.&bsp; It continued over email and then in person.&bsp; We have been talking ever since.&bsp;


We got married one year after our first date this June.&bsp; We are both confident successful young professionals.&bsp; We chose each other because of the quality of persons and how attractive we found one another.&bsp; No desperation was needed it was about connecting on all levels in profound and clearly beautiful way.

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