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Kathy and Charlie

In answering your request for photo/stories of fat folks who are happily paired up, I really had to think about which photo to send and what story to tell, as I (like nearly every woman I know) have a long and frequently disordered relationship with my body and food. And, when I met the man who would eventually become my husband, I was in a "normal" weight range for the very first (and only) time in my life. So what kind of message would that send? That you have to be thin to find a partner? Bullsh*t! So choosing to answer your call has been more difficult for me than one would think.&bsp;

But I decided to tell our story anyway, because I am all googy eyed (still, after 14 years--it's really kind of sickening) over my darling hubby, and because he has written an entire book of essays on our life together, I figure it's my turn now. :D

So, here goes:I am a Michigan girl--born in Ohio, but conceived and raised in the Great Lakes State. My husband, Charlie, is from Washington--born in Seattle, raised in Spokane, then back to Seattle for school and just 'cuz it's a cool place to be from. We met in a weird, kind of old fashioned way. My Aunt moved to Seattle for various reasons and found herself working side by side with Charlie. She would tell me that she had found the perfect guy for me, and that she wanted to give him my contact info. Keep in mind, I was nearly 30 years old at the time and was in no mood for some nerdy pen pal. And I didn't even have a computer back then, so email was not an option--this was old timey letter writing. WTF?? No thanks. But she wouldn't let it go and as I was having only fair success on my own in the dating arena, I finally gave in.&bsp;

And that's it. That's our story--he wrote me a letter, I responded, then letters became phone calls (many, many late night phone calls. Did I mention there's a 3 hour time difference between MI and WA??) Phone calls became a very weird first visit, where we had our first real fight and I offered to put his fanny on the next plane outta town because I wasn't spending the next 4 days like this! We finally got down to being who we really are and we found that maybe my crazy Aunt was right. We DO have the same goofy sense of humor--he totally gets me. And I love to make him laugh; it's one of my biggest joys in life. But the best part is that he returns the favor, often cracking me up. Our lives are full of mundane, boring, stuff--just like everyone else's, but it's also full of laughter and true joy at just being together.&bsp;I consider myself lucky to say that I actually really like my husband, in addition to being crazy about him.

Our early days were challenging; I moved to Seattle in order to be with him and he was a bachelor in the truest sense of the word. I&bsp;was trying to deal with&bsp;my own issues and frequently badgered him about what would happen if I got fat again--as if there was any doubt. I do have to say that somehow in all that stress and upheaval, I found the guts to tell him that if he thought my growing body was going to be a problem for him that he'd better hit the door&bsp;soon because it was a Herculean effort for me to be "normal" and I had no intention of working that hard forever. To his credit, he has loved me through thick and thin, as it were, and continues to be my biggest source of support. (Honestly, I think he was just so horny back in the day that it wouldn't have mattered who I was or what I looked like,&bsp;but that's another story--one I suspect he would only half heartedly deny. LOL)

We've officially been a couple for 14 years (Good Lord, where does the time go?) and I am continually amazed that I was so lucky. He is the best present I ever received from the universe, and on those days when he's stomping on my very last nerve, I try to remember how much I really do love him (usually spitting out the words under my breath through gritted teeth). Nothing lasts forever, as they say, but I like to think we have a pretty good shot.

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