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Lydia and George

Our story is a long and amazing one. We met years ago in high school, where George was a foreign exchange student at my bf's high school. I was not quite 16, and he was 17, when bf set us up. It was... instant chemistry and attraction. We fell in love at that young age, and were both crushed, when his time in the states was up and he had to go back to his home country. Well, the universe decided that we should really be together, so almost two years later, he found his way back to where I lived. We were kids, but we stayed in love that whole time. We dated for another year, then got married (too young) and started the long process of residency and then citizenship for him. I was a curvy little 150 pounds at 18, and stayed in that weight range until I got pregnant at 21. I gained a lot during pg'cy and stayed firmly overweight to obese for the remaining 9 years up til now. My weight has fluctuated along the way, but I've always been plus sized. He has always been very in lust and in love with me, and has appreciated and desired me at all stages of my life, even though he has remained relatively fit and slim for the most part. I am so blessed to call him mine! I think this picture perfectly captures the love and tenderness that has always been between us.

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