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Michelle and Matt

My husband, Matt, and I met on old school AOL about 12 years ago while we were still in high school. We lived in the same city, but went to different schools and were a couple grades apart. If not for the interwebz, we probably never would have met. We had a lot in common with similar family backgrounds, personalities and senses of humor, as well as being what we call "large mammals" (and proud of it, dammit!). Being with him really gave me the confidence to shrug off the high school insults. He was the type of person who couldn't give a shit about what his peers thought and made me feel attractive, a new and most enjoyable experience. He made high school downright pleasant (no small miracle, there) and helped me to see that I'm beautiful, funny, smart and worthy of love--none of which I was too convinced of despite my mother's best efforts (thanks for trying, Mom). We kind of grew up together and helped each other develop into successful and happy adults through our similarities and (probably moreso) our differences. I drag him to art museums (deep down, he likes it) and he drags me to sporting events (deep down, I like it). We got married in 2006 and I love him more than ever. We haven't had a fight yet that couldn't be resolved with sensible conversation and a long hug. We live in a little house we like, jobs we tolerate (life can't be a fairy tale, I guess) and two demanding felines we love. Life is good.

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