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My husband and I met chaperoning a choir tour through Europe in 1993. We were "just friends" for about 18 months, largely because we were living a thousand miles apart--me attending college in Montana and he in California. He came up to visit me at Christmas in 1994 and sparks flew. We decided to make things exclusive the following spring, even though we knew that we would have to continue to do the Montana-California long-distance thing.

When he graduated from college, he decided to attend graduate school in Michigan. So we did the Montana-Michigan long-distance thing. I continued to live and study in Montana until I graduated and decided to go to graduate school in Connecticut. We did the Michigan-Connecticut long-distance thing. We got engaged shortly after he finished his Master's degree and got a job in Massachusetts. We did the Connecticut-Massachusetts long-distance thing for a year. Only 90 miles apart, we managed to see each other every single day through a combination of creative scheduling, a very reliable Saturn, and the Peter Pan bus line. We got married a month after I got my M.A.

In 2000, we packed up our life in Massachusetts and moved to the Czech Republic, where we lived and worked very happily until 2004. We even had a baby in Prague! We've been living back in the U.S., in Montana, since 2004 and enjoy active pursuits--skiing, hiking, and hanging out with our two children (we added a daughter in 2008)--and just hanging around together. We've been married 11 years.

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