The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Poliana and Joseph

Poliana and Joseph

Joseph and I started seeing each other this January. We met as most folk do in 2009: online. In my profile introduction, I described myself as "short, fat, and heavily tattooed" because I figured I'd get my three biggest "flaws" out of the way first. Turns out, those are his favorite things about me! This past Valentine's Day, he asked me what I thought about us being a couple. I said, "A couple of what?" and we've been damn near inseparable ever since.

He identifies as overweight, and I myself have been Death Fat since high school. I used to think my being fat was some insurmountable problem I had to conquer before I'd ever find happiness. Through fat-acceptance resources like Fatshionista & the Fatshionista LiveJournal community, I've learned that happiness and fat are not mutually exclusive. Once I accepted my fat body, I started learning to love it and myself. Then came the happiness, and then I found Joseph.

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