The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | Raven and Chris

Raven and Chris

i'm afraid i don't have much of a story (that i can share anyhow! heh) but i am a happily married fattie. the short version of our love story is that my hubby found me on an online dating site and persistently emailed me until i emailed him back. he lived in a different city, but arranged to come visit me. well, it was basically love at first sight for both of us. just over three years later, we're happily married and i moved cities to be with him. he did offer to move in with me instead, but my job is a lot more mobile than his. i was fat when we met, and i was fatter when he asked me to marry him. and now i'm even fatter than i was when we first got married. he isn't going anywhere. after our first official year of marriage, we're even more in love than when we first got married. we're not perfect, but we're perfect for each other!

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