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Rebecca and Bob

My husband, Bob, and I met on in November 2006.&bsp; I had been on match for several months, Bob had been on various dating sites for several months as well.&bsp; (as an aside, I had great experiences with, meeting many nice guys, some of which I'm still friends with!&bsp; Bob only met crazy women.&bsp; Me included :)).&bsp; We dated off and on, through several moves away from each other and back into each others' lives, and Bob proposed to me in July 2008.&bsp; We were married in February 2009.&bsp;

We have both been fat for most of our lives, and have both been pretty okay with it, but I have to admit that having Bob in my life, constantly telling me how beautiful I am, has really improved my self esteem.&bsp; I now post regular OOTDs in the fatshionista lj community, and really take more risks fashion-wise to find my personal style.&bsp; I wear dresses now!

Bob is my favorite thing about life.&bsp; I'm so glad to have him FOREVER.&bsp; Mwahahahaha*cough*ha.&bsp;

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