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Shayna and Paul

My name is Shayna and my husband is Paul.&bsp; I have been over 200 lb. since I was 15, I am now 31. My father frequently said things to me when I was growing up like "are you sure you need to eat that?" or "you have to walk to the end of the road everyday or be grounded." The road is about 1.5 miles long. I have a sister that is 18 months younger and while we were both in high school she was a size 0 cheerleader and homecoming queen, and I was the complete opposite.&bsp; We are from a very small town and I was teased and tormented endlessly about my size. After I went to college I found an amazing group of women that are my friends to this day, we are all shapes and sizes. The incredible group&bsp; that I had made sure that I and everyone else felt amazing about themselves. I was amazed that anyone of any gender could think that I am beautiful and with time I truly believed that I was a strong, talented and beautiful person.

At 24 I moved 3,000 miles to attend graduated school and while there I met my, now, husband. Paul is fat and short just like me.&bsp; His story is a little different, however, he spent the majority of his life thin and athletic. When he was 25 he suffered three ankle fractures in a short time period and couldn't walk for a year.&bsp; In that time he gained a lot of weight and still suffers a lot of pain in that ankle and has great difficulty being active. He has not yet become comfortable as a fat man.&bsp; I do my best to remind him that he is sexy and amazing no matter what. We have had our separate journeys but now are traveling together and supporting each other.&bsp; We celebrated our third anniversary this August.

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