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Tracy and Justin

Justin and I met in college--my father had just died and I'd quit school, but had nowhere to go, so I couch-hopped in the dorms. He moved into my old room, trying to get away from his own bad situation. We very quickly became friends and we each were just what the other needed. That summer, I stayed in town and rented a room in a local house while he went back home to stay with his parents for the summer. We hadn't exchanged numbers or anything, so we fell out of contact. When school started up again, I told my friends to keep an eye out for him and give him my number if they saw him on campus. Lucky for me, someone did!&bsp;

We spent pretty much all of our free time together, but resisted dating. We both had been recently badly hurt in relationships, and neither of us felt ready to take the plunge again. It was during this time that I was saving up money to move from Florida to Seattle, WA--something I'd been planning for months. Even though I had fallen deeply in love with him (and he with me, even though I was too dense to realize it!) I still made the move. A week before leaving, I was staying at my mom's house in Florida, getting some last-minute family time before leaving for good. He came over for a good-bye party and ended up staying long after all the other guests had left. We ended up making out during a documentary about Freemasons. There are so many reasons I love this boy. &t;3

Anyway, I moved and he stayed in Florida. At this point, despite being deeply in love and talking every single day, we still weren't saying that we were in a relationship--ridiculous, I know! He came to visit me after I'd lived up here for about 8 months and we finally, FINALLY, admitted that we were in a relationship. Those ten days were absolute bliss and nothing made me sadder than having to see him go back. He felt the same way and immediately got a job so he could save money to come up and live with me.&bsp;

We've been living together for nearly ten months and we're still as blissfully mushy, cuddly, and affectionate as we were that January. He is the love of my life and I am so excited at the prospect of spending my future with him.

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