The Museum of Fat Love | On Exhibit | weddingsmile


My husband and I are both morbidly obese and have been since well before we met a few years ago. &bsp;We just married in January and are blissfully happy. &bsp;I'd had limited dating experience before him but never knew a man that was truly 100% accepting of my body. &bsp;Finding someone who finds me as devastatingly sexy as he does, and who is as completely uninterested in other women as he is, continues to feel too good to be true. &bsp;It was a bit of a process coming to really trust his honesty and sincerity there, but now that I do, it's an amazing gift. &bsp;I found fat acceptance while we were dating, so that has helped me even more fully come to accept and appreciate myself exactly as I am. &bsp;It's still a journey, but a great one.

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